Specifying a Particular Target for an Instrument

Set a particular target for an individual instrument in a trace document to collect data from a particular application, process, or device. Set another individual instrument in the trace document to collect data from a different application, process, or device.

To set a target for a single instrument
  1. Choose Instrument Specific from the Target pop-up menu.

  2. Click the instrument’s inspector icon.

  3. Choose the targeted application or process from the pop-up menu in the Target section.


You can add multiple versions of the same instrument to your trace document by dragging another copy of the instrument from the Library into the document to record data from a different application, process, or device with each version of the instrument.

You can collect various streams of data simultaneously. For example, you could simultaneously collect data from:

  • All processes with one instrument.

  • A single application with a second instrument.

  • A different application with a second version of the second instrument.

  • A third application with a third instrument.

For iOS development, the pop-up menu for the target selection includes only the targets that you can profile. For OS X development, the pop-up menu includes the targets that you have already profiled.

The screenshot shows the Time Profiler instrument being set to record data from the Sketch application.

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