Using a Trace Template to Collect Data

Record data using a built-in or a previously created trace template. Instruments has a number of built-in trace templates, and you can create your own as well.

To use a trace template to collect data
  1. From the Target pop-up menu in the Instruments template selection window, choose a device and a target.

  2. Select a trace template, and click Choose.

    ../Art/Using a Template to Collect Data Step1_2x.png
  3. Click Record to begin gathering data.

  4. Click Stop once the data has been recorded.

The template selection window in Instruments displays a list of templates. Click on one to display its description.

The Target menu in the template selection window lets you choose whether to collect data from a running process, all system processes, or a specific app. To automatically launch the app, hold down the Option key and click the Profile button. After you have finished collecting your data, you can examine and manipulate the data, save the data, or collect more data.

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