Viewing Stack Traces Related to Your Code

Narrow down the call tree in Instruments to show only results related to your code.

To view stack trace related to your code
  1. Choose Call Tree from the pop-up menu in the navigation bar of the detail pane in Instruments.

  2. Select the Hide System Libraries checkbox in the Display Settings inspector sidebar area.


The Call Tree view collects all stack traces from instruments that are running and displays them in a call tree. Narrowing down the Call Tree view to show your code simplifies the stack trace by removing unwanted traces, allowing you to concentrate on the data pertaining to your app.

The Call Tree view displays the following columns by default:

  • Amount of time in which this stack trace appeared

  • Percentage of total calls mad by each stack trace

  • Symbol name of the stack trace

Control+click on the call tree column headers to enable additional columns.

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