Instruments Help

This page offers a complete list of help articles for performing essential tasks with the Instruments analysis tool. The help articles are grouped into sections based on related tasks. See Instruments User Guide for in-depth information on the Instruments tool.


Instruments Basics

Learn the layout of Instruments and how to modify a trace document to better capture the information you require.

About the Instruments Trace Document

About Trace Templates

Adding a New Instrument to an Existing Trace Document

Saving a Collection of Instruments for Later Use

Configuring Instruments

Configure Instruments to gather information quickly and efficiently. This includes help on Instruments Preferences and other

Setting General Preferences

Setting Display Preferences

Setting DTrace Preferences

Setting Background Profiling Preferences

Setting CPUs Preferences

Setting dSYMs and Paths Preferences

Setting Instruments to Launch an iOS App in iOS Simulator

Setting the Recording Options for a Trace Document

Collecting Data with Instruments

Instruments provides several ways for you to collect data from your app. You can automate the collection process, collect data from wireless devices, or wait until your app is done running to analyze the data.

Using a Trace Template to Collect Data

Collecting Data Using the Same Set of Interface Options Each Time

Collecting Data Wirelessly Using a Mobile Device

Grouping a Specific Set of Instruments for Streamlined Data Collection

Deferring Data Analysis to Increase Accuracy for All Trace Documents

Deferring Data Analysis to Increase Accuracy for a Trace Document

Creating a New DTrace Instrument

Logging Energy Usage in an iOS Device

Viewing Collected Data

Manipulate the trace document to view collected app data.

Restoring Symbols When a Trace Shows Only Addresses

Zooming In, Zooming Out, and Isolating a Segment of the Data Collection Graph

Viewing Stack Traces Related to Your Code

Monitoring Multiple Core Usage

Accessing Source Code from Instruments

Searching for Memory Issues

Find and fix memory issues in your app.

Finding Abandoned Memory

Finding Memory Leaks in Your App

Finding Messages Sent to Deallocated Objects

Receiving OpenGL ES Recommendations

Instruments provides you with recommended solutions to your Open GL ES issues.

Finding Issues Using the OpenGL ES Analyzer