About the Archives Organizer

Use the Archives organizer to submit your app to the App Store or to share it with others.


The Archives organizer also lets you run the same software-validation procedures on your apps that iTunes Connect performs when you submit them for review and publication. Running these tests helps you save time by identifying problems that can slow down the approval process.

From this organizer you can also share your app with others; for example, you can send seed releases to testers.

The Archives organizer contains these components:

  • Application list: Shows the names of the apps you have archived.

  • Archive list: Identifies the archives you created for the app selected in the application list.

    In this list you can add a comment about an archive. The Status column shows the result of the last action performed on the archive.

  • Archived-application info: Provides details about the archive selected in the archive list, including the scheme used to create it.