About the Breakpoint Navigator

Use the breakpoint navigator to manage the breakpoints in your projects and workspaces.


The breakpoint navigator contains the breakpoint list and a filter bar.

Breakpoints shown in the breakpoint navigator list can include:

  • File-and-line breakpoints

  • Swift error breakpoints

  • Exception breakpoints

  • Symbolic breakpoints

  • Test failure breakpoints

  • OpenGL ES breakpoints

File-and-line breakpoints are created by clicking in the source editor gutter next to a line of code where you want execution to be paused. To view the source file and line that contains a particular breakpoint, select it in the breakpoint list. All other breakpoint types are created using the breakpoint navigator; they do not link to a specific location in the source code.

To enable or disable a breakpoint using the navigator, click the breakpoint icon to the right of the breakpoint.

The filter bar contains three controls:

  • Add button: Click to add an exception or symbolic breakpoint.

  • Enabled breakpoints only: Click to show only enabled breakpoints. Click again to show all breakpoints.

  • Filter field: Enter text to show only the items that match it.