Adding a Symbolic Breakpoint

Add a symbolic breakpoint to your project using the breakpoint navigator.

To add a symbolic breakpoint
  1. In the bottom-left corner of the breakpoint navigator, click the Add button.

  2. Choose Add Symbolic Breakpoint from the menu.

  3. Enter the symbol name in the Symbol field.

    Specify the symbol as:

    • A method name. For example, pathsMatchingExtensions:.

    • A method of a particular class. For example, [SKTLine drawHandlesInView], people::Person::name().

    • A function name. For example, _objc_msgForward.

  4. If the symbol is declared in more than one library, enter the name of the appropriate library in the Module field.

  5. To specify that program execution be suspended only if an expression evaluates to true, enter the expression in the Condition field.

  6. Clicking anywhere outside the configuration dialog accepts the values set and closes the dialog.


Symbolic breakpoints stop program execution when a specific function or method starts executing.