OpenGL ES: Analyzing Rendering Performance

Find performance issues in your OpenGL ES code.

To analyze OpenGL ES rendering performance
  1. Run the app on an iOS device.

  2. In the debug navigator, select the FPS indicator to display the OpenGL ES performance analyzer.

  3. In the performance analyzer, click Analyze Performance.

The OpenGL ES performance analyzer shows GPU utilization and frame-rendering time information. It also provides guidance that helps you ensure that your app exhibits the desired FPS rate.

The analyzer lists the OpenGL calls involved in some of the performance issues it finds. Using an assistant editor, you can get to the function-call site to make the necessary changes.

Click the circled arrow that appears to the right of a call when you place the pointer on the call to view the corresponding GL object in the GL object viewer.

The screenshot shows the analyzer providing general guidance and ways to solve particular performance issues.