Viewing Memory Locations

View memory locations to examine the raw contents of program variables.

To view memory locations
  1. In the debug area, Control-click the variable whose memory you want to view.

  2. Choose View Memory of “variable” from the shortcut menu.

  3. Use the debug navigator to select from among the viewed memory locations.


When you view a new memory location from the debug area, an entry is added to the debug navigator and selected. The contents of the selected memory entry are then displayed in the memory browser in editor pane.

The bottom of the memory browser contains controls you use to navigate the memory and customize its display:

  • Address. Specifies the beginning address of the memory displayed in the memory browser.

  • Memory Page. Moves back or forward a memory page.

  • Number of Bytes. Specifies the number bytes in a memory page.

  • Byte Grouping. Specifies the size of the memory chunks displayed.

Memory locations are valid only while the application is running in the current debugging session. When you quit the application, Xcode removes all memory entries from the debug navigator and discards them. To remove a memory entry while you are still debugging, select the entry and press Delete.