Bookmarking Documentation

Add bookmarks in the documentation organizer to return easily to a specific document or section.

To bookmark developer documentation
  1. Navigate to the book or section you want to bookmark.

  2. Click ../Art/BookmarkIcon_2x.png to create a bookmark.

    After creating the bookmark, the icon turns blue.

    Bookmark icons at the top of a page will bookmark an entire document, while bookmark icons elsewhere on a page will bookmark the section they are next to.

  3. To display all of your bookmarks, click the documentation navigator button (../Art/DocSetNavigator_2x.png) to display the navigation sidebar, then click the bookmark button (../Art/BookmarkButton_2x.png) at the top of the sidebar.

  4. Click a bookmark to reopen the associated item.


Manage your bookmarks in the bookmarks navigator. By default, bookmarks are listed in the order in which you add them. You can change the order of a bookmark by dragging it to a new position in the list. You can delete a bookmark by selecting it and pressing Delete.

The name Xcode that assigns a bookmark is the title of the corresponding HTML page. You cannot rename bookmarks.