Setting Font and Color Preferences

Customize the appearance of source code and console text by changing their colors and fonts in Fonts & Colors preferences. For example, you could display your code comments in purple in the source editor. For the console, you could set your debugger input and your debugger output to a 14-point font.

To set font and color preferences
  1. Choose Xcode > Preferences and click Fonts & Colors.

  2. Click either Source Editor or Console near the top of the preferences window.

  3. Select a theme in the left column.

  4. Select a syntax category in the detail area.

  5. To change the font, click the Fonts window button, and make your selections in the Fonts window.

  6. To change the text color, click the font color well, and choose a new color in the Colors window.

  7. To change the color of other items in the source editor or console, click a color well at the bottom of the pane, and choose a new color.


The source editor’s Comments category for the Default theme is selected in the screenshot. A theme includes preset colors and fonts for all the syntax categories. Xcode includes a set of standard themes, such as Default, that you can modify or delete. You can restore any of the standard themes by selecting from a set of templates that are displayed when you click the Add (+) button at the bottom of the theme list.

For the source editor and the console, you can also customize colors for the:

  • Background

  • Selection

  • Cursor

  • Invisibles (for the Source Editor)

  • Instruction pointer (for the console)