About the Organizer Window

Use the Organizer window to perform ancillary development tasks such as using documentation and managing devices, archives, and project-related metadata.


To display the Organizer window, click the Organizer button in the workspace window toolbar or choose Window > Organizer. The window includes three individual organizers:

  • Devices organizer: provision a device, manage your developer profile, install iOS on the device, and work with your application and its data. This organizer is present only if the iOS SDK is installed.

  • Projects organizer: find, view, and manage an open project or workspace, its derived data, and its snapshots.

  • Archives organizer: view and manage build product archives resulting from your distribution scheme.

Each of these organizers includes task-oriented contextual help articles that you can view by choosing the organizer and Control-clicking in its content pane.

You can have only one organizer window; you use its organizers to manage all the development resources (projects, workspaces, repositories, and so forth) on your local system.