About the Workspace Toolbar

The workspace toolbar provides quick access to frequently used project configuration and management tools.


The flow controls are for defining, choosing, running, and stopping projects. A scheme defines characteristics such as build targets, build configurations, and the executable environment for the product to be built.

  • Run button: Builds and runs the targets for the currently selected scheme. Position the pointer over this button and press and hold the mouse button to open a menu with the following items (which are also available in the Product menu):

    • Run

    • Test

    • Profile

    • Analyze

    Holding various modifier keys while clicking this button allows you to select other run options:

    • Control key: run without building

    • Shift key: build without running

    • Option key: edit the scheme and run

  • Stop button: Terminates your running code.

  • Scheme menu: Lets you add and configure schemes and select the combination of scheme and build destination to use.

  • Breakpoints button: Turns breakpoints for your project on or off .

The activity viewer shows the progress of tasks currently executing, displaying status messages, build progress, and other information about your project. Click the issues icon in the activity viewer to open the Issues navigator.

The workspace configuration controls are for adjusting the Xcode interface to fit the current task and your work style. Use them to select an editor type, show or hide optional view areas and labels, and open the Organizer window.

  • Editor selector: Choose an editing mode.

    • ../Art/TB_ViewSegment-Basic_2x.png Standard editor (left button)

    • ../Art/TB_ViewSegment_Assistant_2x.png Assistant editor (center button)

    • ../Art/TB_ViewSegment-Versions_2x.png Version editor (right button)

  • View selector: Display or hide the optional workspace content areas.

    • ../Art/TB_ViewNavigators_2x.png  Navigator area (left button)

    • ../Art/TB_ViewDebugger_2x.png  Debug area (center button)

    • ../Art/TB_ViewUtilities_2x.png  Utility area (right button)

  • Organizer button: Display the organizer window, for viewing and managing iOS device information, repositories, archives, documentation, and project snapshots.

  • Oval button: Command-click the oval button in the top right corner to toggle toolbar labels on and off.