Migrating an App Icon Set or Launch Image Set

Simplify image management by moving existing app icons and launch images into an asset catalog. When you store app icons and launch images in an asset catalog, Xcode automatically creates the required strings in the Info.plist file.

To migrate app icons to an asset catalog
  1. In the project navigator, select your target.

  2. Select the General pane, and scroll to the App Icons section.

  3. Specify an image in the App Icon table by clicking the folder icon on the right side of the image row, selecting the image file in the dialog that appears, and clicking the Add button.


    After you specify an image, you can preview it by clicking the preview icon on the end of the image row.

  4. Migrate the images in the App Icon table to an asset catalog by clicking the Use Asset Catalog button, selecting an asset catalog from the popup menu, and clicking the Migrate button.


Alternatively, you can create an empty app icon set by choosing Editor > New App Icon, and add images to the set by dragging them from the Finder or by choosing Editor > Import.

To migrate a launch image set, go to the project navigator’s General pane, scroll to the Launch Images section, and follow the steps outlined above.