Configuring Object Attributes

Configure the attributes of user interface objects using the controls in the Attributes inspector.

To configure an object’s attributes
  1. With a storyboard or xib file open in Interface Builder, select an object by clicking it in the outline view or on the canvas.

    The object can be anything defined in your storyboard or xib file, such as a button, a label, an image, or a superview. If the outline view doesn’t appear, display it by clicking the Show Document Outline (../art/DockViewControl_2x.png) control in the lower-left corner of the canvas.

  2. Display the Attributes inspector.

  3. Change the object’s attributes.


The specific attributes depend on the type of object you select. The attributes you can configure in the inspector are generally equivalent to API methods you can call in your source code.

The Attributes inspector displays an object’s attributes according to its class hierarchy. For example, an NSTextField object has attributes that correspond to its class identity as a text field, a control, and a view.

The changes you make are applied to the object immediately.