Adding a Segue to a Storyboard

Add a segue to a storyboard to specify a transition from one scene to another. Control-dragging between two scenes creates a segue. The object you drag from in the first scene is often a button or a table view cell.

To add a segue to a storyboard
  1. With a storyboard open, Control-drag from an object in one scene to another scene.

  2. In the menu that appears, choose the style for the new segue.

  3. Select the segue.

  4. In the Attributes inspector, fill in the segue identifier field.


A segue is a configurable object. In the Attributes inspector, you fill in a segue identifier that you can verify at runtime in the prepareForSegue:sender: method of the source view controller. You can also use the identifier to trigger a segue programmatically with the [performSegueWithIdentifier:sender:] method.

If you choose Modal for the style of the segue, you can choose from several types of modal transitions in the Attributes inspector. If you choose Custom for the style of the segue, fill in the name of your custom segue class in the Attributes inspector.