Viewing Issues in the Issue Navigator

Use the issue navigator to view the error and warning messages generated in a project or workspace.

When you select a warning or error in the issue navigator, the main editor displays the item with the issue. In the case of source files, Xcode places the issue message on the code line with the issue.


In the issue navigator you can:

  • Display issues by file or by type using the buttons in the scope bar.

  • Filter the issue list with the filter bar. The filter bar contains three Boolean filters (recent, active scheme, and errors) and a filter field:

    • Recent filter: Shows issues that occurred in the last build.

    • Active scheme filter: Shows issues in the active scheme.

    • Errors filter: Shows only errors (it hides warnings).

    • Filter field: Displays issues that match the text you enter.

  • Step through issues using the issue stepper in the jump bar. Use the Left and Right buttons to jump to the previous and next issues. Jump to a particular issue by clicking the button in the center of the issue stepper and choosing from the pop-up menu.

To view a detailed log (including issues) for a build, use the log navigator.