Using the Jump Bar to Navigate Your Workspace

Use a jump bar to directly navigate to items at any level in your workspace.

To navigate your workspace using the jump bar
  1. Click a level in the jump bar and choose a file to jump to.

  2. To open a related file in Assistant, hold down Option and choose that file.

  3. In the Assistant jump bar, choose a category of related files.

  4. Use the stepper arrows to advance to the desired file.

  5. Click the lock button to open a locked file, if appropriate.


A jump bar is an interactive, hierarchical mechanism for browsing items in your workspace. Each editor area includes a jump bar, as do Interface Builder and the documentation organizer. The configuration and behavior of each jump bar is customized for the context in which it appears. The basic configuration includes three components:

  • The related items menu (Art/nav_bar_popup_button_2x.png) offers additional selections relevant in the current context, such as recently opened files or the interface (.h) file for an implementation (.m) file you are editing.

  • Previous/next buttons (Art/previous_next_buttons_2x.png) allow you to step back and forth through your navigation history.

  • The hierarchical path menu (for example, Art/hierarchical_path_menu_2x.png) comprises one or more segments. Click a segment to choose from the menu of the items at that level of the hierarchy.

An example of a basic jump bar is in the documentation organizer. It simply allows you to select documents from installed libraries. Other jump bars have more components.

A jump bar may also include a stepper for iterating through a set of files ( Art/ordinal_item_chooser_2x.png) or issues. If a lock button (Art/lock_button_2x.png) appears, you can click it and authenticate to unlock the file, if appropriate.

Hold down the Option key when selecting an item in the navigation bar to open Assistant and display that item in the Assistant editor pane. In the Assistant jump bar, the path menu is rooted relative to the content of the regular editor pane, and the root element (flagged with a light-bulb icon) offers selections similar to a related items menu.