Changing the Derived Data Location

Although most developers never need to change the location where derived data are stored, you can specify a location other than the default.

To change the build location from the default
  1. Choose Xcode > Preferences, and click Locations.

  2. Choose a setting from the Derived Data pop-up menu.


    If you choose Relative, use the text field to specify a custom path relative to the project or workspace folder.

    If you choose Custom, specify a new absolute path in the text field.

  3. If you need to store your build products in a location different from the one for other derived data, click Advanced.

    For more information, see the related article Changing the Build Location.

By default, Xcode stores in a shared folder the derived data for all your projects. Derived data consists of project indexes, logs, and build products including intermediate build files.

If you specify an alternative drive for your derived data, the drive must be HFS+ formatted to support resource forks for code signatures.

If you choose to place derived data in a location relative to your projects and workspaces, be careful not to check in your derived data to source control management (SCM) systems. When performing backups or sending a copy of your workspace to someone else, be careful that you don’t inadvertently back up or send the derived data, which is often large and can always be re-created from the project sources.

To delete the derived data, choose Window > Organizer, and click Projects at the top of window. From the projects organizer that appears, click the Delete button for Derived Data.