About the Report Navigator

Choose View > Navigators > Show Report Navigator to view the reports or logs that Xcode generates during your development process. Alternatively, you can click the report navigator button (../art/XG_NavArea_Log_icon_2x.png) in the navigator selector bar of the workspace window.

View the list of logs either by groups of related operations or in reverse chronological order of their completion.


When you select an item in this list, the corresponding log appears in the log viewer, in the editor area of the workspace window. A task log lists the operations Xcode performed to carry out a task. Tasks include project building (Build), unit testing (Test), static analysis (Analyze), project archiving (Archive), and source code repository tasks (Push, Commit). When the task log identifies an issue, you can directly open the source of the issue from the log viewer and fix the problem.

A debugging session log is the transcript of the events that occurred during a debugging session. Running or debugging an app generates a log of debugger output.

A bot log displays the results of a bot’s integrations using the Xcode service on OS X Server. From the bot viewer that displays logs of bot activities, you can also edit and delete bots, initiate integrations, and download their archives.

Restrict the items displayed in the list of logs by:

  • Clicking the Recent Logs button (../art/RecentLogsIcon_2x.png)

  • Clicking the Local Logs button (../art/LocalLogsIcon_2x.png) to display logs only for operations and sessions performed on your local development Mac

  • Entering text into the Filter field (../art/FilterField_2x.png) to display only tasks, debugging sessions, and bot integrations that match the text you enter

To create and manage bots that perform continuous integration, you can click the Action (../art/ActionIcon_2x.png) button and select a command from the pop-up menu.