Editing General Target Settings

Edit basic settings for a target in the General pane of the project editor.

To edit basic settings for a target
  1. Select the name of the project in the project navigator.

    The project editor appears in the editor area of the Xcode workspace window.

  2. Select the name of a target from the list in the left column of the project editor.

    The screenshot shows the Adventure project selected in the project navigator. The Adventure iOS target is selected in the project editor.

  3. Click General at the top of the project editor.

  4. Disclose a section, such as Identity, App Icons, or Frameworks and Libraries, to edit specific settings.

    For example, to specify icons for your app, click Use Asset Catalog in the App Icons section, and supply the icons in the asset catalog; to configure your iOS app to run on both iPhone and iPad, choose Universal from the Devices pop-up menu in the Deployment Info section.

You can hide and show the column of projects and targets with the disclosure control (../Art/disclosure_control_2x.png) at the top-left corner of the project editor. With the column closed, you can select a target or the project from the popup menu next to the disclosure control.


The General and Capabilities panes contain the basic target settings that you inspect and edit when working on an app. Most developers never need to edit the settings in the Info, Build Settings, or Build Phases panes of the project editor.

Most settings in the General pane are also found in one of the other panes. When you edit a setting, Xcode updates the other pane automatically. You typically assign values for these settings elsewhere during the app development process, for example, in dialogs that appear when you create a new project.