Editing a Build Setting

Customize aspects of your product’s build process by editing its build settings.

To edit a build setting
  1. In the project editor, select the project or target whose build setting you want to edit.

  2. Click Build Settings at the top of the project editor.

  3. Locate the build setting in the left column.

  4. Set the value for the build setting in the right column.


You set build settings at either the project level or the target level. To see all the levels of build settings, select Levels rather than Combined.

The lowest level at which a build setting is defined takes precedence. If you define a build setting at the project level, the definition is set for the corresponding project, and it’s applied to all the targets that belong to that project. If you define a build setting at the target level, the definition applies only to the corresponding target.

Definitions applied at the target level override definitions set at the project level. The level at which the build setting is defined is highlighted in green.

If you have changed or customized a setting, it’s shown in boldface.