Adding Special Apple Capabilities to a Target

Add entitlements and frameworks for various Apple technologies, such as iCloud, Game Center, In-App Purchase, and Maps, to a target.

To add capabilities for various Apple technologies
  1. Select the name of the project in the project navigator.

    The project editor appears in the editor area of the Xcode workspace window.

  2. In the project editor, select a target.

  3. Click Capabilities at the top of the project editor.

  4. Click a switch to On to add a capability.

    If a Fix Issue button appears, click it to resolve the problem.


When you add these capabilities to your app, Xcode automatically configures your project to use them. Xcode edits the entitlements and information property list files for you, and adds technology-specific frameworks as needed. For entitlements to take effect, Xcode creates code signing and provisioning assets for your team, and sets your code signing build settings for you. Some technologies—such as Game Center and In-App Purchase—may require additional setup in Member Center and iTunes Connect.

All Apple technologies that require special entitlements are listed in the Capabilities pane of the project editor. For the capabilities available to your app, see Supported Capabilities.

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