Renaming a Project or App

Use the Xcode project editor to give your project or app a new name.

To rename a project or app
  1. Select your project in the project navigator, then select your project again in the project editor.

    The screenshot shows StreetScroller selected in the project navigator on the left. In the list of projects and targets in the project editor, StreetScroller is also selected.


    The Hide and Show Projects and Targets List control (../Art/disclosure_control_2x.png) at the top-left corner of the project editor allows you to hide and show the list of projects and targets in the project editor. In the screenshot, the list is displayed. If the list is hidden, you can select the project from the pop-up menu control that appears next to the Hide and Show Projects and Targets List control.

  2. Choose View > Utilities > Show File Inspector.

  3. In the file inspector, in the Identity and Type area, enter the new project name in the Name field.

    In the screenshot, the original project name StreetScroller is replaced by StreetScrollerPro in the Name field.

    ../Art/type_new_project name_2x.png../Art/type_new_project name_2x.png
  4. Press Enter.

    Xcode displays a project-rename dialog that contains all the items that can be renamed in your project.


    If you want to rename only the app, leave your app selected in the dialog and deselect all other items.


    You can selectively rename other items in the project by selecting them and deselecting others.

  5. Click Rename to perform the rename operation.

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