Building Multiple Targets

Edit a scheme to determine which targets are built when you choose Run, Test, Profile, Analyze, or Archive from the Product menu.

To build multiple targets
  1. From the Scheme toolbar menu, choose a scheme and run destination.

  2. From the same menu, choose Edit Scheme to display the scheme dialog.

  3. In the left column, select Build.

  4. For each target, select the actions for which to build the target.

  5. Click Close.


Targets that are required due to their use in the Run, Test, or Profile actions cannot be turned off.

Select Parallelize Build if you want to build all independent targets at the same time. If you select this option, the build is faster but it may not produce correct results unless you set up target dependencies correctly.

The Find Implicit Dependencies option is selected by default. Deselect this option if you add a project to your workspace that you don’t want used automatically.