Managing Schemes

For projects and workspaces with multiple schemes, manage your schemes with the Manage Schemes dialog.

There are several ways to display this dialog:

  • Choose Product > Scheme > Manage Schemes.

  • Choose Manage Schemes from the scheme toolbar menu.

  • Click Manage Schemes at the bottom of the scheme editing sheet.


If the Autocreate schemes option is selected, when you add a new target to your project, Xcode automatically creates a scheme for it. Click the Autocreate Schemes Now button to have Xcode create new schemes for any targets that don’t have them.

The Manage Schemes sheet displays a list of schemes with four columns of data:

  • Show. Displays or hides the scheme in the scheme toolbar menu. This setting's value is not shared between users.

  • Scheme. Specifies the name of the scheme. You can edit this name.

  • Container. Specifies whether a scheme should be stored in a project—in which case it’s available in every workspace that includes that project; or in the workspace—in which case it’s available only in that workspace.

  • Shared. Specifies that the scheme is visible to anyone using that project or workspace (depending on where the scheme is stored). If you designate a scheme as shared, be sure to check with others who use the project or workspace before modifying or deleting it.

You can drag the schemes to reorder their appearance in the sheet and the Scheme toolbar menu.

Use the Add (+) button to create or duplicate a scheme. Use the Remove (–) button to delete a scheme. Use the Action menu to import or export a scheme.

The Edit button dismisses this sheet and displays the selected scheme in the scheme editing sheet.