Creating a Project

Start developing a software product by creating a project.

To create a project
  1. Choose File > New > New Project.

  2. Select the project template for your iOS or OS X product, and click Next.

  3. Enter the product name and other project details, and click Next.

  4. Specify the project’s container and its location in your file system, and click Save.

All software products require a project. The project organizes the files and resources needed to build one or more products, such as apps, plug-ins, and command-line tools.

The New Project dialog displays platforms, template families, project templates, and a description for the selected project template. In the project options pane you enter information required by the template to generate the project, such as the product name.

In the Save dialog you specify the container (one of your open projects or workspaces, and a group within it) and file-system location for the new project before completing the operation. For example, you can indicate that the container of the project be a project within your workspace instead of the workspace itself.

After saving the project, Xcode places a folder containing the new project’s files at the location you specified.

Once you’ve created a project, you can add new source files and begin writing code.