About the Test Navigator

Perform testing using the test navigator.

In the test navigator, you create, manage, and run both functional and performance measurement tests. Click Art/tnh-about-button_2x.png above the navigator panel to open the test navigator.


The test navigator contains the test list, test indicators, and a filter bar.

  • Test list: Lists the test bundles, test classes, and tests implemented in the current project.


    Click a test in the list to access its code in the source editor.

  • Test indicators: Indicators appear next to the test names in the test navigator when tests have been run. A green diamond with a checkmark indicates that a test has passed, and a red diamond with an “X” indicates that a test has failed. When the code for tests is visible in the source editor, the same indicators appear in the source editor gutter.


    Hold the pointer over any test name or indicator to display a run button. Click the run button to run the test.

  • Filter bar: Lets you restrict the content that is displayed in the test list and add new test bundles and classes. The filter bar includes the following items:

    • Add button: Click to add a test target or test class.

    • Scope button: Toggle between showing all tests and only the enabled tests in the active scheme.

    • Failed-test button: Toggle between showing all tests and only failing tests.

    • Filter field: Enter text to show only the tests with names that match.