Running Tests

Run tests to assess the quality of your app.

To run tests
  1. Select in the test list the test or tests that you want to run.

  2. Choose Product > Perform Action > Run Test Methods to run the selected tests.

    A summary of the test results appears briefly onscreen, and the test indicators are updated to reflect status changes to the tests. If a test succeeded, a test indicator denoting success appears to the right of the test name. If a test failed, a test indicator icon denoting failure appears to the right of the test name and the issue is displayed in the issue navigator.

  3. Click the failed-test indicator in the gutter, or choose Product > Perform Action > Test Again, to rerun a failed test after addressing the issue.

Xcode provides additional ways to run tests to suit different ways of working. The following are frequently used:

  • To run all enabled tests in the active scheme, choose Product > Test from the Xcode menu.

  • To run an individual test, hold the pointer over the name of the test and click the run button that appears.


To configure how Xcode behaves when running tests, use the Behaviors pane in the Preferences dialog.

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