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Defining the Concept

Every great app starts with a concept. You don’t need a completely polished and finished concept to start developing your app. You do need an idea of where you’re going and what you need to do to get there.

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Ask yourself these questions as your define your concept:

Who is your audience? Your app content and experience will differ depending on whether you’re writing a children’s game, a to-do list app, or simply a test app for your own learning.

What is the purpose of your app? An app needs a clearly defined purpose. Part of defining the purpose is understanding what one thing will motivate users to use your app.

What problem is your app trying to solve? A great app solves a single, well-defined problem instead of attempting solutions to multiple distinct problems. For example, the Settings app allows users to adjust all of the settings on their device. It provides a single interface for users to accomplish a related set of tasks. If your app is trying to solve unrelated problems, consider writing multiple apps.

What content will your app incorporate? Consider what type of content your app will present to users and how they’ll interact with it. Design the user interface to complement the type of content that’s presented in the app.