Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Core Audio Utility Classes.

2014-07-08Updates several source files for Mac OSX 10.9
2013-09-17Fixes a build error caused by including LockFreeFIFO.h Fixes several issues with the CARingBuffer class
2013-01-02Removed the need for ACCompatibility.h included from ACBaseCodec.cpp. Removed #defines around Add/RemovePropertyListenerBlock calls in CAHALAudioObject class.
2012-10-31Fixes more analyzer warnings and updates ComponentBase.h to correctly define AUDIOCOMPONENT_ENTRY when CA_USE_AUDIO_PLUGIN_ONLY is defined.
2012-06-26Logic analyzer warnings have been fixed.
2012-06-13Core Audio Utility Classes contains Public Utility sources as well as base classes required for codec and audio unit development.