Read Me About GKTapper.txt

Read Me About GKTapper
GKTapper is a sample application that shows how to support GameCenter
Leaderboards and Achievements. It also demonstrates using
GKLeaderboardViewController and GKAchievementViewController to display this
IMPORTANT: When adding support for Game Center to an application, it is not
enough to simply add the necessary code to your application.  You will also
need to configure your app in iTunes Connect to match your desired
configuration.  For example, the file "Classes/AppSpecificValues.h" contains
a number of constants that are configured to match the App ID configured in
iTunes Connect.  Without this configuration, the GKTapper sample would not
function.  If you run into any issues with Game Center be sure that you
confirm that your applications configuration matches you iTunes Connect
This project was built with Xcode 3.2.4 and iOS SDK 4.1
The project requires iOS 4.1 and a GameCenter account to run.
- Read Me About GKRTapper.txt -- This file.
- GKTapper.xcodeproj --  Xcode project for this sample. 
- Resources -- The project nib, images, and so on.
- Classes/AppSpecificValues.h -- Header file that contains all of the iTunes
    Connect constants for this project.  See this file for more details
    regarding iTunes Connect configuration.
- Classes/GameCenterManager.[h,m] -- Class containing most of the GameCenter
    code.  Shows how to update Leaderboards and Achievements.
- Classes/TapperController.[h,m] -- Controller class for the project. 
    Contains all UI code, drives GameCenterManager, and also shows how to use
    GKLeaderboardViewController and GKAchievementViewController.
- Ancillary Code -- A directory full of code that's not directly relevant to
    the main function of this sample.
1.0: (Aug 2010) First shipping version.
1.1: (Nov 2010) Fixed bug in how the "submitAchievement:" method handles the
Copyright (C) 2010 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.