Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to GLTextureAtlas.

2014-04-07Updated with GLKViewController and GLKMatrix. Updated for 64 bit.
2010-06-25Changed deployment target back to iPhone OS 3.2 and added CFBundleIconFiles in Info.plist.
2010-06-18Upgraded project to build with the iOS 4 SDK.
2010-04-30Fixed a bug when running in the simulator.
2010-03-24Modified the script so that it works regardless where texturetool is installed.
2009-10-09Updated for iPhone OS 3.1. Use CADisplayLink as the preferred method for controlling animation timing, and fall back to NSTimer when running on a pre 3.1 device where CADisplayLink is not available.
2009-06-29Demonstrates how to use a texture atlas to draw multiple objects with different textures simultaneously.