MapCallouts: Using MapKit Annotations

Last Revision:
Version 5.0, 2015-10-29
Fixed compile warnings, OS X - fixed custom annotation appearance bug, iOS - now uses unified storyboard
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Build Requirements:
iOS 9.0 SDK or later, OS X 10.11 SDK or later
Runtime Requirements:
iOS 9.0 or later (as a universal app), OS X 10.11 or later

Demonstrates the use of the MapKit framework, displaying a map view with custom MKAnnotations each with custom callouts or custom MKAnnotationViews. An annotation object on a map is any object that conforms to the MKAnnotation protocol and is displayed on the screen as a MKAnnotationView. Through the use of the MKAnnotation protocol and MKAnnotationView, this application shows how you can extend annotations with custom strings and left/right calloutAccessoryViews.