Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to PVRTextureLoader.

2014-03-25Removed warnings. Updated for iOS 7. Updated for 64-bit.
2010-06-25Changed deployment target back to iPhone OS 3.2 and added CFBundleIconFiles in Info.plist.
2010-06-18Upgraded project to build with the iOS 4 SDK.
2010-04-30Modified the script so that it works regardless of where texturetool is installed.
2010-01-29The availability of GL extensions referenced in this sample are now checked before they are used. The proper min filter texture parameter is set depending on if a texture is going to be mipmapped or not. This provides a hint to GL in order to decrease memory usage. Texture generation now sets the kCGBlendModeCopy blend mode before drawing since the previous contents of memory aren't used. This avoids unnecessary blending.
2009-04-07Fixed a bug in the Encode Images script.
2008-12-08This application illustrates how to load PVR texture files and then display them using OpenGL.