Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Simple Core Data Relationships.

2013-06-12Removed unnecessary files.
2013-05-14- Switched to using storyboards and ARC. - Adopted more recent Core Data features (e.g. creating fetch request with entity name). - Made managed object model versioned. - Adopted new Objective-C features (e.g. array literals). - Reorganized project layout to reflect current Xcode templates. - Added location-services to project's Info.plist. - Refactored code, e.g. table view cells. - Uses Auto Layout for table view cells.
2010-06-29Added CFBundleIconFiles in Info.plist.
2010-06-22Upgraded project to build with the iOS 4.0 SDK.
2009-07-24Added identifier to table view cell in EditableTableViewCell.xib.
2009-06-04This sample illustrates how to manipulate attributes and relationships in an iPhone application.