Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to TheElements.

2015-08-25 Updated to Modern Objective-C syntax, fixed deprecations, using Objective-C modules, all images now in image assets.
2013-04-11 Upgraded for iOS 6.0 SDK, updated to adopt current best practices for Objective-C, now using UITapGestureRecognizer for AtomicElementView, Storyboards, Automatic Reference Counting (ARC).
2010-06-23 Upgraded project to build with the iOS 4.0 SDK.
2009-09-24 Changed the target setting's "Code Signing Identity" to the proper value.
2009-05-13 Upgraded for 3.0 SDK due to deprecated APIs; in "cellForRowAtIndexPath" it now uses UITableViewCell's initWithStyle.
2008-07-07 First public release
2008-05-28 Updated with API changes for beta 6. The UITableViewDelegate method tableView: cellForRowAtIndexPath: was moved to the UITableViewDataSource protocol. This resulted in a change to the ElementsTableViewController class and each of the datasources.
2008-05-06 Updated with API changes for beta 5 release of iPhone OS SDK.
2008-04-23 Updated with API changes for the beta 4 release of iPhone OS SDK. Added code signing. Subviews of cells should no longer be directly inserted into the cell as a subview. Instead they should be interted into the contentView of the cell. Remove layout computations based on contentRectForBounds: in AtomicElmentTableViewCell.
2008-04-08 Updated to new API. Includes new reflection code. Draws and animates a flip indicator.
2008-03-21 Updated for the current API.
2008-03-15 Added information to the Application Flow diagram.