Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to aurioTouch.

2014-04-09Updated for iOS 7.1. Project simplified no longer requiring multiple audio format conversions. Draws correctly on iPhone 5. Replaces aurioTouch2.
2010-10-20Updated for iOS 4.1
2009-09-08Fix DC offset bug
2009-08-05Updated for 2.2.1 SDK
2009-07-07Fix to handle >512 sample slices.
2009-04-23Corrected incorrect pointer size value used with glTexCoordPointer
2009-03-30Fixed bad cast in rioInterruptionListener and missing variable initialization in the FFT class
2008-12-23Minor editorial update
2008-11-12use CFURLCreateWithFileSystemPath, not CFURLCreateWithString
2015-07-03sonogram view now has button, no more double tap to switch