Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Accessibility Overview for OS X.

2015-01-12Minor edits for clarity.
2014-10-16Updated with information about the new accessibility API.
2013-10-22Described the difference between the position value an accessibility object reports and the value an assistive app receives.
2012-07-23Updated the Testing for Accessibility chapter to comply with OS X Mountain Lion.
2011-10-26Added information about App Sandbox.
2011-06-30Migrated relationships between roles and attributes to its own document.

See Accessibility Roles and Attributes Reference.

2008-03-11Removed the Children attribute from the Busy Indicator role information.
2007-12-11Changed the description of the window role's focused attribute.
2007-09-04Made minor fixes to required attributes for accessibility objects of the image and combo box roles.
2007-02-08Added information on the group role and its attributes.
2006-06-28Made minor corrections.
2005-11-09Made minor bug fixes.
2005-04-29Updated attributes supported by Menu, Menu Item, and Menu Bar Item roles.
 New document that explains the accessibility features built into OS X. Some content was previously in "Making Carbon Applications Accessible to Users With Disabilities."