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Important:AMAppleScriptAction is considered deprecated. Use the Cocoa-AppleScript template (an instance of AMBundleAction) in Xcode to create AppleScript-based Automator actions.

Instances of the AMAppleScriptAction class own Automator actions whose runtime behavior is driven by an AppleScript script. An AMAppleScriptAction object holds the compiled script as an instance of the OSAScript class. By default, the OSAScript object is instantiated from the script in the Xcode project file main.applescript.

When you create a Automator Applescript Action project in Xcode, the project template supplies an AMAppleScriptAction instance as File’s Owner of the action bundle. This ready-made instance provides a default implementation of the AMActionrunWithInput:error: method that uses the logic defined in the script. You can substitute your own subclass of AMAppleScriptAction for File’s Owner if you need to.

  • An OSAScript object representing the receiver’s script containing the on run command handler.



    var script: OSAScript


    @property(strong) OSAScript *script


    By default, script is main.applescript, which is stored in the action bundle. You can use setScript: to set the receiver’s script to newScript, where newScript must be an OSAScript object that could be instantiated from a script in the action bundle. script must contain the on run command handler.


    Available in OS X v10.4 and later.