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AXActionConstants.h Reference

Many UIElements have a set of actions that they can perform. Actions are designed to be simple. Actions roughly correspond to things you could do with a single click of the mouse on the UIElement. Buttons and menu items, for example, have a single action: push or pick, respectively. A scroll bar has several actions: page up, page down, up one line, down one line.


See the Overview section above for header-level documentation.

  • Declaration

    #define kAXCancelAction CFSTR("AXCancel") #define kAXConfirmAction CFSTR("AXConfirm") #define kAXDecrementAction CFSTR("AXDecrement") #define kAXIncrementAction CFSTR("AXIncrement") #define kAXPickAction CFSTR("AXPick") #define kAXPressAction CFSTR("AXPress") #define kAXRaiseAction CFSTR("AXRaise") #define kAXShowAlternateUIAction CFSTR("AXShowAlternateUI") #define kAXShowDefaultUIAction CFSTR("AXShowDefaultUI") #define kAXShowMenuAction CFSTR("AXShowMenu")


    • kAXCancelAction

      Simulate a Cancel action, such as hitting the Cancel button.

    • kAXConfirmAction

      Simulate pressing Return in the UIElement, such as a text field.

    • kAXDecrementAction

      Decrement the value of the UIElement.

    • kAXIncrementAction

      Increment the value of the UIElement.

    • kAXPickAction

      Select the UIElement, such as a menu item.

    • kAXPressAction

      Simulate clicking the UIElement, such as a button.

    • kAXRaiseAction

    • kAXShowAlternateUIAction

      Show alternate or hidden UI. This is often used to trigger the same change that would occur on a mouse hover.

    • kAXShowDefaultUIAction

      Show default UI. This is often used to trigger the same change that would occur when a mouse hover ends.

    • kAXShowMenuAction