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Core Text Reference Collection

Core Text Reference Collection

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This collection of documents is the API reference for the Core Text framework. Core Text provides a modern, low-level programming interface for laying out text and handling fonts. The Core Text layout engine is designed for high performance, ease of use, and close integration with Core Foundation. The text layout API provides high-quality typesetting, including character-to-glyph conversion, with ligatures, kerning, and so on. The complementary Core Text font technology provides automatic font substitution (cascading), font descriptors and collections, easy access to font metrics and glyph data, and many other features.

Multicore Considerations: All individual functions in Core Text are thread safe. Font objects (CTFont, CTFontDescriptor, and associated objects) can be used simultaneously by multiple operations, work queues, or threads. However, the layout objects (CTTypesetter, CTFramesetter, CTRun, CTLine, CTFrame, and associated objects) should be used in a single operation, work queue, or thread.

Opaque Types


Describes a representation of a font.


Describes a collection of fonts.


Describes a dictionary that fully specifies a font.


Describes a multiline text frame.


Describes an opaque type that generates text frames.


Describes an opaque type used to override a font's mapping from Unicode to glyph ID.


Describes a line of text.


Describes paragraph or ruler attributes in an attributed string.


Describes a set of consecutive glyphs sharing the same attributes and direction.


Describes a tab in a paragraph style.


Describes the opaque type that performs line layout.


Core Text Font Manager

Describes the Core Text interface for managing fonts.


Core Text Utilities

Describes general Core Text functions and data types.

Other Reference

Core Text String Attributes Reference