Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to File Metadata Attributes Reference.

2014-07-15Added an important note that metadata is designed to store small amounts of information only.
2011-09-28Added iCloud metdata attributes.
2009-08-28Added new attributes: kMDItemAuthorAddresses, kMDItemRecipientAddresses, and kMDItemParticipants.
2009-07-18Updated for OS X v10.6. Added kMDItemNamedLocation and kMDItemPixelCount.
2007-05-22Updated description of kMDItemPath.
2006-04-04Corrected minor typos.
2005-09-08Updated kMDItemFSExists, kMDItemFSIsReadable, and kMDItemFSIsWriteable availability to indicate that those attributes are deprecated and were never implemented.
2005-08-11Added new Spotlight attribute kMDItemContentTypeTree. Enhanced descriptions of other attributes.
2005-06-04Corrected kMDItemSecurityMethod attribute value type. Expanded attribute descriptions.
2005-04-29Added kMDItemTextContent, kMDItemMusicalInstrumentCategory, kMDItemMusicalInstrumentName, and kMDItemAppleLoop* attributes. kMDItemFSSize now reports the actual file size.
 New document that describes the usage and types of metadata attributes for various file types used with Spotlight.