Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Cocoa Bindings Programming Topics.

2014-07-15Updated assorted binding descriptions.
2009-03-08Added warning about lack of key-value observing change values to Controller Key-Value Observing Compliance.
2007-05-22Clarified why you would use a controller.
2006-07-24Corrected minor typos.
2006-06-28Updated the prerequisite section in the introduction.
2006-05-23Clarified Figure 3 in "Bindings Message Flow."
2006-03-08Corrected the NSBindingDebugLogLevel flag in the "Troubleshooting Cocoa Bindings."
2005-08-11Added "Controller Key-Value Observing Compliance " article. Added additional troubleshooting information. Corrected minor typos.
2005-07-07Added four new articles on controller content, controller selection, message flow between model-view-controller, and troubleshooting Cocoa bindings. Made other minor changes.
2005-04-29Corrected minor typo. Added retain to example code in "How Do Bindings Work?".

Corrected minor typos.


This version represents a major revision of Cocoa Bindings. What Are Cocoa Bindings? and How Do Bindings Work? replace the “Why Use Cocoa Bindings?” and “Support for the MVC Paradigm” articles. The “How to Use Bindings” article was removed. User Defaults and Bindings was added to the topic. Filtering Using a Custom Array Controller was edited to remove model dependencies. “Example: Currency Converter With Bindings” was moved to a separate book Developing Cocoa Applications Using Bindings: A Tutorial. “Example: Enhanced Currency Converter” and “Example:Preferences Pane” were removed from the topic.


Added a link to Cocoa Bindings Reference from Introduction to Cocoa Bindings Programming Topics. Corrected a bug in Filtering Using a Custom Array Controller that caused the NSSearchField to loose focus.


Renamed to Cocoa Bindings from Controller Layer. Made minor edits to “Supporting the MVC Paradigm” and “Object Modeling”. Revised “Core Classes and Protocols” and renamed it “How to Use Bindings”. Added four new articles on how to create a master-detail interface, display images using bindings, use pop-up menus to represent to-one relationships, and filter an array controller’s arranged objects.


Renamed to Controller Layer from The Cocoa Controller Layer. Revised and reorganized all the conceptual articles in this topic. Enhanced the tutorials by numbering the steps, adding a Converter model, and fixing other errors.


First version of The Cocoa Controller Layer.