Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Cocoa Drawing Guide.

2012-09-19Added information on supporting offscreen drawing for high resolution displays.

Added Drawing Offscreen Images Using a Block-Based Drawing Method to Support High Resolution Displays.


Updated Guidelines for Using Images.

2012-07-23Updated links to guidelines on high resolution.
2011-01-18Corrected reference to application icon image name constant.
2009-10-19Corrected typos.
2009-01-06Updated the guidelines associated with resolution independent drawing.
2008-10-15Updated advice for creating an NSImage from a CGImageRef. Updated the discussion of screen coordinates.
2007-10-31Updated the content for OS X v10.5.

Added information about NSGradient and rounded rectangle support.


Updated the information about flipped coordinate systems.


Fixed bugs in several code examples.


Added guidance about which imaging technologies work best for different types of operations.


Added the mathematical equations corresponding to the available compositing operations.

2006-10-03Fixed several code examples and added information about how to add a ColorSync profile to a bitmap.
2006-06-28Changed matrix values to match the values in NSAffineTransformStruct. Fixed example for casting a CGRect to an NSRect.
2006-04-04Moved animation object details to "Animation Programming Guide."
2006-03-08 New document that describes how to draw content from a Cocoa application.

This document replaces information about Cocoa drawing that was previously published in Basic Drawing, Drawing and Images, The Drawing Environment, and OpenGL.