Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Core Animation Programming Guide.

2015-03-09Added brief discussion of CAMetalLayer among possible layer classes.
2013-01-28Major revamp, reorganization, and expansion to cover modern Core Animation behavior in iOS and OS X.

Incorporated the content of Animation Types and Timing Programming Guide into this document.

2010-09-24Updated the document to reflect Core Animation support in iOS 4.2.
2010-08-12Corrected iOS origin information. Clarified that the coordinate system origin used in the examples are based on the OS X model.
2010-05-25Corrected autoresizing masks table.
2010-03-24Added missing constant to the contentGravity property resizing table in Providing Layer Content.
2010-02-24Updated Core Animation Kiosk Style Menu tutorial project.
2010-01-20Updated infinite value for repeatCount.
2009-10-19Modified section headings.
2009-08-13Corrected availability of cornerRadius on iOS v 3.0 and later.
2008-11-13Introduces iOS SDK content to OS X content. Corrects frame animation capabilities.
2008-09-09Corrected typos.
2008-06-18Updated for iOS.
2008-05-06Corrected typos.
2008-03-11Corrected typos.
2008-02-08Corrected typos. Corrected RadiansToDegrees() calculation.
2007-12-11Corrected typos.
2007-10-31Added information on the presentation tree. Added example application walkthough.