Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Core Data Programming Guide.

2014-07-15Updated various sections.
2014-03-10Corrected Scalar Value Constraints section in Non-Standard Persistent Attributes. Custom structures other than NSPoint, NSSize, NSRect, and NSRange may be key-value coding and key-value observing compliant, and therefore may be supported by Core Data.
2012-09-19Removed reference to obsolete document.
2011-08-03Removed references to a legacy document.
2010-11-15Added a note re creating stores offline in the FAQ.
2009-11-17Corrected example implementation of scalar value accessor methods; revised Faulting and Uniquing article.
2009-10-19Incorporated editorial changes.
2009-08-25Corrected typographical errors.
2009-06-04Added discussion of using NSExpressionDescription to retrieve specific values.
2009-02-26First release of this document for iOS.
2008-11-19Enhanced discussion of managing undo operations.
2008-02-08Enhanced the discussions of legacy data importing and memory management.

Added a discussion of many-to-many relationships in Relationships and Fetched Properties.

2007-12-11Corrected typographical errors.
2007-10-31Updated for OS X v10.5. Made several minor enhancements.
2007-08-23Enhanced memory management article; noted that NSManagedObject subclasses do not use all accessor methods with mutableSetValueForKey:.
2007-07-16Enhanced discussion of threading options; added note about constraints of use of relationship accessor methods.
2007-03-15Noted the file systems supported by the SQLite store.
2007-02-08Clarified the behavior of entity inheritance in fetching; split "Managed Object Models" into two articles.
2007-01-08Updated FAQ, "Memory Management Using Core Data", and "Core Data and Cocoa Bindings".
2006-12-05Added a discussion of faulting and KVO notifications to "Faulting and Uniquing."
2006-11-09Enhanced discussion of accessing and modifying properties and of creating and initializing managed objects.
2006-10-03Enhanced the discussion of copying managed objects.
2006-09-05Enhanced troubleshooting and multi-threading articles; incorporated validation article.
2006-07-24Made minor revisions to "Persistent Stores."
2006-06-28Corrected minor typographical errors.
2006-05-23Added links to sample code and detail to the section on copy and paste.
2006-04-04Added section on fetch request templates to Managed Object Models. Enhanced description of managed object lifecycle.
2006-03-08Enhanced "Change Management" and "Faulting and Uniquing" articles; clarified meaning of SQLite debugging flag.
2006-02-07Added notes about SQL logging to "Fetching Managed Objects" and about test-driven development to "Versioning."
2006-01-10Added a new, preliminary article on threading. Added a new article, "Managed Objects," taken mainly from the NSManagedObject API reference.
2005-12-06Augmented the articles "Faulting and Uniquing" and "Persistent Stores."
2005-11-09Added article on importing legacy files.
2005-10-04Corrected various minor typographical errors.
2005-09-08Added new articles to describe managed object models and versioning.
2005-08-11Added articles on memory management and fetching managed objects. Streamlined the introduction to "Managed Object Accessor Methods."
2005-07-07Corrected various minor typographic errors, made several clarifications. Added article on Troubleshooting.
2005-06-04Added article on managed object accessor methods. Corrected method listings in "Non-Standard Attributes" article; other minor enhancements.
2005-04-29Update to include discussion of relationship manipulation, and enhancement to discussion of memory management.
 Updated for public release of OS X v10.4. Changed title from "Core Data." First public version.