Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Date and Time Programming Guide.

2013-04-23Clarified week and year calendar date component usage.
2011-06-06Expanded Calendrical Calculations section. Added Historical Dates Section and Week-Based Year Section.
2010-02-24Corrected code snippet.
2009-07-21Added links to Cocoa Core Competencies.
2008-07-03Moved information about NSCalendarDate to an appendix, rewrote articles to replace references to NSCalendarDate, and expanded content.

Added a section about how to get date components using NSCalendar and NSDateComponents and a section about how to convert from one calendar to another.


Removed information about converting a date to a string. See NSDateFormatter Class Reference for that information.

2007-09-04Enhanced discussion of calendrical calculations using NSDateComponents.
2007-03-06Added note regarding Julian and Gregorian calendars.
2006-05-23Corrected typographical errors. Added a note about the use of width specifiers for calendar date format strings.
2006-02-07Updated to include NSCalendar and NSDateFormatter changes introduced in OS X v10.4.
2005-08-11Changed title from "Dates and Times." Corrected minor typographic error.

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