Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to WebKit Objective-C Programming Guide.

2012-11-09Minor fixes and updates.
2009-07-28Added concurrency information.
2008-10-15Minor edits throughout.
2006-05-23Added information about using isKeyExcludedFromWebScript() to expose selectors or keys to JavaScript.
2006-03-08Fixed code example in "Using JavaScript From Objective-C" article, fixed miscellaneous method links, and removed references to Project Builder.
2005-04-29Changed availability of v10.4 features to v10.3.9 and later.
 Added articles on editing, JavaScript, and DOM. Changed the title from "Displaying Web Content."

Added two new articles: Making Policy Decisions and Using Undo When Editing.


Added Carbon code example to Accessing the WebKit From Carbon Applications.


First release of conceptual and task material covering the core WebKit classes and protocols available in OS X v10.2 with Safari 1.0.