Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Color Programming Topics.

2013-08-08In the section on "Creating and Converting Colors Using Color Spaces", the documentation incorrectly claimed that the colorUsingColorSpace: method would not convert between color spaces. The exact limitations have been clarified.
2009-03-04Removed statement that drawing to printers doesn't support alpha.
2008-10-15Added cross-reference in "Adding Custom Color Pickers to a Color Panel" to "Working WIth Color Spaces."
2006-10-03Clarified named color spaces and system colors, gave an example of binding NSColor to user defaults, and showed how to make a custom color picker.
2005-04-29Added "Working WIth Color Spaces" and rewrote "About Color Spaces." Changed title of document from "Using Color."

Added the task Using the System Control Tint.


Added the task Storing NSColor in User Defaults.


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